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As part of a divorce (dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership) or a parentage action, controversy will often arise over the amount of support payable by one party to the other. This is a heavy burden on any parent going through divorce and can also greatly impact the future of the children involved. 

At Van Voorhis & Sosna, we are are dedicated to working with our clients to determine what is both in the interest of the children and sensitive to parents' financial position.

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What Factors into Calculating Child Support? 

In California, child support is based on a complex calculation that takes into account:

  • Income 
  • Number of children
  • Time spent with the children 
  • Available tax deductions
  • Child care costs

A court will decide whether one parent will receive financial support from the other parent for the care of the couple's children. Whether a client is paying child support or receiving child support, we are experienced in ensuring that child support obligations are fair and appropriate.

We represent clients in their child support proceedings in San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Marin County, Alameda County, and Contra Costa County.

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