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When you were thinking about getting married, you probably looked at your accounts and obligations to determine how many guests to invite to your wedding or how long your honeymoon vacation could last. You might have considered your assets when deciding on the house to buy or the remodeling expense to undertake. But now, as you are thinking about a divorce, the calculations probably seem a lot different. Indeed, getting a divorce in California may entail a lot of spreadsheets, calculations, and hunting down old account statements to understand what was yours when you went into the marriage, what belongs to the community, and what reimbursements you may be entitled to.

Whether you are considering your options or the paperwork has been filed, you should know your separate property reimbursement rights. Here are three key reimbursements to consider. Please note: For each of these reimbursements, there are complex limitations and considerations to consider, and reimbursements are just one element of many divorce settlements. If you have any questions about your rights, you should speak with an experienced divorce attorney to understand the extent and limitations of your particular situation.

#1: You Contributed to the Community With Your Separate Property—And Can Prove It

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